With over 10 years of experience in the fitness & sport equipment industries -Exercise Equipment-Fitness Equipment-Sauna-Steam-Fitness Flooring-Fitness Programming-Fitness Equipment Design-Exercise Equipment Design-Personal Training-Sports-Recreation-Fitness Product Safety-Fitness Equipment Standards-Exercise Equipment Standards-Fitness Facility Design.

Indofit Solutions can help you resolve legal difficulties with health clubs and sporting facilities. Indofit Solutions has the expertise to effectively work with any organization to develop a corporate fitness and recreation facility and program which reflects its unique culture.

Indofit Solutions Workplace Health Audit assists to integrate an existing or new fitness centre into the organization's broader strategic workplace wellness plan. We review the organization's current programs in corporate health management and compare them to industry best practices. Areas of focus include:

  • Disability Management
  • Utilization Controls
  • Demand Management
  • Early Detection
  • Health Promotion
  • The review highlights current programs that positively influence employee health and identifies areas which represent opportunities for improvement. This analysis also helps identify various ways of linking and integrating the fitness program into other corporate health management programs.

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